CLX-Day 4

Okay guys, I mentioned yesterday that I’m doing ChaLEAN Extreme for my workout program now. So far, so good! I wanted to keep you guys updated on my progress with it, so I’ll try to weigh in on the subject daily after my workout.

Lets play catch up real quick…

Day 1 I attempted Burn Circuit 1 with the resistance bands that came with the program. And I absolutely hated it! I couldn’t get the right resistance, the damn bands kept sliding off my feet and smacking me on the leg, and I was incredibly frustrated that everyone else save 1 chick on the video was using free weights. So… I bitched and moaned to the hubby and he bought me a late birthday present:

That’s right, Bowflex Selectech weights! They each go to 45 lbs and are so worth the money if you work out at home like I do. Plus, we got a free weight bench that you can kinda see in the background. Pretty sweet!

Day 2 was a rest day. I wasn’t sore or anything from Day 1 but I still rested like my calendar said.

Day 3 was Burn Circuit 2 and I was really excited to test out the new free weights. Worked like a charm, too! Way better than the resistance bands, and I was able to really challenge myself to fail by the 12th rep. The verdict? Today I’m so SORE! My shoulders and back are on fire, and my poor hamstrings are tight! I’m definitely a believer now and can’t wait to see how weight lifting will change my body shape.

On deck for tonight is Burn Intervals and Ab Burner. I literally can’t wait, I’m so excited! I’m assuming it’s a cardio workout, so that’s right up my alley.

On another note, I noticed my hands are already getting blisters from the weights, and that’s after only 1 day using them! Anyone else out there have this problem? How do you combat it? Gloves?