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Celebrity Free Pass

Heard of the celebrity free pass? Here’s the definition. Basically, you and your partner get to pick one celebrity as your free pass. If you are ever in a situation where you can sleep with that celebrity, your partner can’t get mad because you’ve already agreed that it’s a free pass. The rules? It’s got to be someone famous.

Being a good married couple, the hubs and I chose our celebrity free pass a long time ago. We limited it to only one person because, seriously, who needs a list? It comes up from time to time as a playful reminder that we’ve each got our pass. Silly married people.

My husband’s celebrity free pass is the ridiculously incredibly hot Jessica Biel.


I’m pretty sure she’s married to Justin Timberlake now. The hubster’s got no chance…!


My celeb free pass is…drumroll, please…the extra delicious chunk of man meat Scott Stapp from Creed.



Seriously, who wouldn’t want this? And he can sing.


HA! What a random yet incredibly satisfying post…

*all photos are from Google