Getting back to it!

Let me start out by saying that I have really missed writing this blog, and if you’ve stuck with me through the weeks of my not posting a word, well you’re just awesome! And now some good news: I should be back! Yes, I’m still student teaching (at a 9th grade campus, yikes!) but the worst of it is all over now and I should have a bit of free time to devote to me. Which is good, because self-reflection is the absolute center of my weight-loss journey!

Let’s see, where to begin?

I’ll start with my success so far, because that’s the most exciting thing! When I started my journey 5 weeks postpartum, I weighed in at around 215 lbs. 5 months of serious Turbofire sweat later, I’m proud to say that I weigh in at 175 lbs! Have a look!





I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished this past 5 months. I’m literally 10 pounds away from reaching my pre-pregnancy weight, something that took me a year and a half with my 1st child. I’m attributing it to my knowledge and drive: I’m better prepared to lose weight because I have all the tools available AND I’ve got a goal in mind.

Speaking of having a goal…

^The gorgeous Jamie Eason. She has become my role model, fitness-wise. That’s my goal. I want a body like a fitness model. Something I can feel incredibly confident in. Something I can flex when I want to look tough or something I can show off when I want to feel sexy. I want it to be completely obvious that I work out, and that I work out hard.

And, to reach this, I’ve done my homework. I’m following Jamie Eason’s bodybuilding diet and began ChaLEAN Extreme 3 days ago. Heavy lifting paired with a clean diet should lead to me to the results I want, or at least get me started! I’m really excited to see my body changing with weight lifting, so definitely be on the lookout for my progress pics! I must say this: I’m really used to cardio and cardio only. So lifting weights will be a challenge for me, but I’m ready and willing to give it all I’ve got!

Goals! Love ’em! Here are mine: 1) lose 20 pounds by May 10th (graduation day!), 2) work on the muscles for July 9th (anniversary and Las Vegas vacation!) That last one’s a little broad, but that’s ok. The way it works out, I’ll be finishing up the ChaLEAN Extreme program July 7th, so I should have at least a nice muscle tone by then.

Okay, that’s enough for now. My little one is crying (bedtime soon!) so I’ll check in tomorrow!

She’s getting big!

Have a great week!


2 thoughts on “Getting back to it!

  1. SO awesome!!! I’m still here following along 🙂 I started CLX 2 weeks ago so we are pretty close! I have no doubt you WILL achieve your goals and look forward to seeing your progress. Way to get it girl! You are such an inspiration!!!

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