Transformation Tuesday

Happy New Year!

Here’s a great transformation to start off this new year.

Meet Elizabeth.



Elizabeth was at a comfortable weight until she got pregnant and gained 90 pounds. She thought, like so many of us, that she would step on the scale after having her baby and the weight would be all gone. Instead, she weighed in over 200 pounds and wasn’t happy.

After her daughter was born, her husband was deployed for 12 months. She decided she wanted to get in shape for him when he returned. She began by running a mile, which gradually increase to two, even three miles. After three months, she lost about 40 pounds and began lifting weights at a local gym with torn out pages from Oxygen magazine.

She started eating clean, even purchasing cookbooks to keep things fresh. She eats six small, protein packed meals a day and drinks a lot of water.

Elizabeth says it took her 11 months and three weeks to reach her goal, so you have to keep at it. And, she did everything without the help of a nutritionist because money was tight- proof that anyone can do it if you’re motivated enough!

Her tips for aspiring transformers? Surround yourself with positive people with similar goals as you. Keep away from negative people. Focus on your goals and write everything down. Take regular progress pictures. Don’t rely only on the scale. And finally, know that anybody can change!


Great work, Elizabeth! What an inspiration!


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