Weigh-In Wednesday

Guys! I’m so busy! Aaah!

But all is going well.

Last week’s weight: 181.2
This week’s weight: 180.0


Pretty excited to get to the 170s again!

Have a great week guys!


Weigh-In Wesnesday

Just a quick update:

Student teaching all day and coming home to my two little babies is kicking my butt! I never have time for anything (and sleep is out if the question) but I am having a great time.

It’s been pretty stressful last week and I think it’s reflected in my loss.

Last week’s weight: 181.8 lbs
This week’s weight: 181.2 lbs

So I still lost half a pound, and I’m super excited about that, but I really was hoping to get under 180 this morning…

It’s ok, I have a goal for next week. Under 180 or bust!

Have a great rest of the week if I don’t talk to you again!


Weigh-In Wednesday

What a day! The kids at the elementary school I’m student teaching at seem really great and I’m super excited to start teaching some lessons. But, here’s the crazy part, there was a fire! Fire engines and everything! I guess you have to be prepared for whatever happens.

Anyway, I got on the scale this morning and I have good news to report!

Last week’s weight: 185.6
This week’s weight: 181.8



I’m so happy to be getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Only 16.8 lbs until I’m there! But, until then, I am loving my body (no matter what size I am) and I’ve got a lot of confidence.


Happy hump day!


Here’s the deal: things are about to get CRAZY!

If you didn’t know, I’m going to school to become a P.E. (or science) teacher. This is my very last semester before I graduate in May (WOOHOO!) and it consists of student teaching, starting today. Which means I will be in a school from 7:30-3:30 teaching my babies, and then I’ll come home and take care of my real babies. It’s going to be super busy around here! But I’m so looking forward to finally completing my degree and hopefully finding a job in the next few months.

Having said that, I might have to neglect my blog for a little bit. 😦
But I will not be neglecting my health.

Everything still goes. Since today is Wednesday, I’ll still be doing my weigh-in. And hopefully tonight I will be able to sit down and post a quick update. But, if not, I’ll let you know how it went when I get a second to breath on the weekend. As for my other daily posts (motivation Monday, transformation Tuesday, etc.) we’ll just have to see how it goes for now. Suffice it to say this: if I have time, I’ll post. If not, you’ll know why. And it’s a good reason why.

I’m really excited and nervous about student teaching! I hope I’m prepared for this. Wish me luck!

Motivation Monday

I hope everyone had a great weekend! It’s time to get back to it now.

Lately I’ve been a bit obsessed with all things muscle. My goal in life is to look like I could kick your ass. Here’s some ladies that are already at that point:








Take that Monday!

I’m starting the advanced portion of Turbofire today. That’s 8 more weeks. I’m really excited. I’ll post my 12 week 90-day results in a little bit. It definitely motivates me to see just how much my body is going to change in the next 2 months!

Punch Monday in the face!

FIT Friday

I can’t believe it’s already Friday! Where in the heck did the week go so fast? Not that I’m complaining or anything…

Here’s today’s inspiration to get moving:

Ok, this looks…difficult. Holding up your body in plank position is, however, an incredible way to strengthen your arms. And, after all, the title of this workout is Arm R.I.P.

If you really want to try this but are a beginner, don’t be afraid to use modifications. Drop one knee, drop both knees, take a stretch break. Just get through it. And, as with anything, next time you do it, you’ll get better!

Let me see you sweat!