30-Day Photo Challenge: Day Twenty Eight, Twenty Nine &Thirty

Day Twenty Eight: A picture of something you’re afraid of.

*image from google
I have this huge fear that one day a tornado is going to come and rip my house to shreds. It’s this really deep-rooted fear, too. So much so that if I see my area is under a tornado warning or watch, I have this dread built up in my stomach that makes me want to vomit. As a child it would suppress my appetite and I would sit around staring out of the windows in fear. Now, as an adult, it simply lingers in my head and serves as a major distraction.

Day Twenty Nine: A picture that can always make you smile.

HA! “Camel” toe!

Day Thirty: A picture of someone you miss.

This was my best friend in high school. We are still friends to this day, only I live in Texas and she lives in Minnesota. Some times I wish we could have a day to spend together like in old times, goofing off and having fun. Maybe one of these days!


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