Weigh-In Wednesday

Another Wednesday is here, and that means I slow down to hop on the scale. I’ve had some pretty good weeks the last two weigh-ins. However, last week was very trying for me. My 3 month old was not sleeping well so neither did I. And last week was the attack of the super delicious but terrible on the diet Rolo Cheesecake disaster. (I didn’t mention it, but I had a few more nights of snacking on 600+ calories of the stuff. For shame.) So, I came into this Wednesday feeling rather defeated and expecting a gain.

Last week’s weight: 193.4 lbs
This week’s weight: 194.4 lbs



Hmm, headed in the wrong direction here. But, I won’t let this throw me off track. If anything, this motivates me even more. I know exactly what went wrong last week, so now that I’ve learned from it, I can change it. That’s what weight loss is all about: trial and error.

On a more positive note, last Sunday marked the two-month completion mark of my Turbofire program! And I’m happy to say that I can see results!




I’m very excited about this! It almost makes me forget about gaining a pound this week. Almost.

Let’s make this week a great one!


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