Weigh-In Wednesday

Wednesday already!

So, if you’ve been following me week by week, you’ll know that I tend to lose weight on a two-week basis, meaning I’ll have a large loss one week immediately followed by a very small loss or a small gain the next. Last week happened to be the week I tend to lose a lot of weight, which means I was set up for no loss at all this week. Bummer.

But, I’m happy to say that I have broken the trend! That’s right, folks! Today marks the second week in a row that I have had a good loss and I couldn’t be more proud!

Last week’s weight: 194.8 lbs
This week’s weight: 193.4 lbs



I’m so excited to be on the way down. I’ve been working out really hard and trying to eat as healthy as possible (I’m human, which means I like chocolate and eat out at restaurants on occasion) and I’m really happy to know that all this work actually is paying off. I’m getting that much closer to returning to my pre-pregnancy body. Woohoo!

Oh, also, I had to include this picture. My 2 year old loves to take pictures with me, so when she saw me taking my progress pictures this morning, she had to jump in there with me! Isn’t she adorable!


Happy Wednesday, we’re that much closer to the weekend!


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