Transformation Tuesday

Meet Karina.



Karina didn’t have a life-altering event or sudden overnight revelation that she needed to lose weight. After being overweight most of her life, she kind of accepted that was how her body was going to look. It wasn’t until after she got sick and lost about 10 pounds in one week because of it that she realized she was happier at a lower weight and wanted to change.

She started like most people do: calorie reduction. She says she was consuming no more than 1,000 calories a day (very unsafe, DON’T DO THIS!) and the weight came off slowly and then stalled. To pick it back up, she knew she had to consume more calories with the right kinds of foods to lose weight the right way. She was also strictly cardio with her workouts, but it wasn’t giving her the results she wanted. After a male friend suggested she start lifting weights, she began to notice the positive changes in her body that she was craving.


After finally finding the program that was tailored to fit herself, the changes began, and wow! She says the best thing to know about finding the right diet and exercise combination is that there is no “one size fits all or cookie cutter program.” You have to find what works for you.

Karina’s best advice? Don’t give up! The “magic doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time.”

Well, you can bet I’m listening!

(Remember to check out the link to Karina’s page for her diet, exercise and supplement routines!)


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