FIT Friday

Already Friday! Thank goodness! In this house, Friday means I get an opportunity to catch up on some much-needed sleep. You see, my husband works nights. Sunday through Thursday, I’m home all alone, which means I have the sole responsibility of taking care of our little one. Some nights it’s okay because she’ll wake up only once to feed, but other nights are absolutely the worst. So, since my husband gets to be home Friday and Saturday nights, he takes over a feeding for me. Some nights, that turns into a full night’s rest for me! I’m hoping that’s the case this weekend!

Since I’m tired and pretty sore from working out hard this week, I’ve decided to make this Fit Friday’s workout a stretch. Everyone needs a good stretch from time to time, so why not start today? Plus, as you’ll see, these stretches have some added benefits, not just increasing flexibility.


Get to stretching! I know I will today!

Happy Friday!


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