Weigh-In Wednesday

It’s Wednesday again, already! Last week, I had a very small gain after coming off an almost 4 1/2 pound loss the week before. It definitely drove me to work my butt off this week, and I’m proud to say that it’s yet again paid off!

Last week’s weight: 198 lbs
This week’s weight: 194.8 lbs


That’s what I’m talking about! A 3.2 pound loss!

It makes me wonder if I should be weighing myself every other week? I seem to lose weight over a 2-week span for some reason. Instead of stressing about not losing or gaining on that in-between week, maybe I should just skip that weigh-in altogether? Perhaps not. I think seeing the number on the off weeks makes me work that much harder. It’s like my own personal motivation. Plus, I probably couldn’t wait that long between weight checks. I need to know if what I’m doing is working or not!

I’m super pumped now! I’m ready to work hard to keep losing this week. Who knows, maybe I can turn it around and have two solid weeks of loss in a row? Fingers crossed!


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