Transformation Tuesday

I love finding and reading all these success stories! It gets me incredibly motivated and very excited to work out. Today, I browsed some stories of women doing the workout program Turbofire (the program I do) and found a lady that has a similar story to my own. Her name is Kelly.


Kelly says she was overweight as a child and tried everything from diet pills to starvation to lose weight. By the time she was 25, she’d gained and lost the same 50 pounds more than 5 times, never finding a solution and continuing to hate the reflection she saw in the mirror. After she had her daughter, she knew something had to change because she didn’t want her daughter growing up thinking it was normal to hate your body.

Kelly turned to Turbofire with hope and trust that finally starting and sticking to a program, not crash dieting, would give her serious, lifetime results. And it has! Kelly has lost over 100 pounds and 8 dress sizes. Best of all, she says her daughter now asks her when they are going to work out!


Way to go, Mama! You look fabulous!


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