Diet Faux Pas

I follow Team Beachbody on Facebook (great place to find extra motivation!) and came across this article about dieting tips you often hear that you shouldn’t pay attention to. It’s a great and informational read. Find it here.


Here’s the top 10 list of common dieting mistakes:
1. Choosing fat-free or sugar-free foods. When foods are stripped of fat and sugar, chemicals are often added. It’s much better to choose regular versions of these foods and watch portion sizes.

2. No cheating, ever! Yeah, right! No one is perfect, and expecting yourself to be is a ridiculous setup for dieting failure. Instead, make 80% of your food choices healthy and the rest will take care of itself.

3. Stop snacking. Yes, stop mindless snacking, but not snacking altogether. You need to eat to sustain your blood sugar level, so eating a small snack can help you control your hunger and not eat as much during meals. Instead of reaching for chips, grab an apple with peanut butter.

4. Don’t eat fruit – it’s full of sugar. Sure, but it’s also full of vitamins and minerals and water that can help you feel fuller longer and can satisfy a sweet tooth.

5. If it’s organic, it’s good for you. Don’t mistake organic for low-cal. Keep portion control in mind always.

6. Calories in, calories out, it doesn’t matter what you eat. I’d rather fill my stomach with nutritious food that can fuel my workouts and build my muscles instead of greasy, fat-filled, artery-clogging foods that leave me feeling bloated and sluggish. But the choice is yours…

7. Try this diet – it works for everyone! First of all, don’t diet! Make it a healthy lifestyle, not a diet. Secondly, you have to find what works for you. Tailor-make your diet to fit your needs.

8. When in doubt, order the salad. Salad can be very good for you, but not if it’s covered in dressing and bacon and cheese…

9. Don’t exercise, it’ll make you hungry. Exercise is incredibly important. Don’t skip exercise! Exercise is good for weight loss, cardiovascular health, stress-reduction, overall well-being… Plus, once you exercise and see changes in your body, you’ll be more apt to eat healthier so as not to undo all your hard work.

10. Treat yourself for a job well done. Making the excuse to eat poorly because you exercised can undo all your hard work. Instead of rewarding yourself with food, get new workout clothes or go out to a movie.

Dieting is hard enough already, so use this list to make sure you aren’t setting yourself up for failure!


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