30-Day Photo Challenge: Day One

Day One: A picture of yourself with 15 facts.


Some facts:
1. I have two daughters: a two and a half year old and a three month old. I love them both very much!
2. I met my husband in an online chat room! We dated 5 years before we got married.
3. I have two cats: Rusty and Smokey.
4. I’m going to school to get a teaching degree. I graduate in May 2013! Finally!
5. My passions in life are family and fitness and I seek to combine the two as much as possible.
6. My grandmother took me to Paris for my 17th birthday and I got hit on by a handful of French men. Apparently they liked me as a blonde…
7. I love writing. I often fantasize about writing a book based on my life, though I doubt anyone would read it. I do, however, write stories for my children.
8. I got married at a zoo. Seriously, a full on zoo. The lion could be heard roaring during our vows!
9. We conceived our first child while on vacation in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. I guess what happens in Vegas doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas…
10. I love music. Rock music, from classic to heavy metal and everything in-between. My favorite bands are Led Zeppelin, Staind, Creed, Godsmack and Blink 182.
11. I don’t watch much TV, but my favorite shows are America’s Next Top Model and The Biggest Loser. How I Met Your Mother comes in third.
12. I love wine! My favorite is a good White Zinfandel.
13. I’ve read the entire Harry Potter series about four times over and I’ve watched the movies just as much.
14. My favorite holiday is Halloween. Not because of candy but because of the thrill of dressing up like something you aren’t.
15. I love the Backstreet Boys and would proudly go to another one of their concerts if they are ever in my area.


2 thoughts on “30-Day Photo Challenge: Day One

  1. I really feel like I know a lot more about you now 🙂 But then again, it makes me feel a little weird as you don’t know much about me haha. I guess the internet can be a funny thing. Anyway, I might take this idea and do something similar this week.. would you mind? 😉
    Love, Anne

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