Motivation Monday

This is the last Motivation Monday of 2012! I thought I’d make it a New Year’s themed one.

When I get a moment (life has been hectic lately) I’ll write a bit about what my New Year’s resolution is (that I actually began 2 weeks ago!).

Happy Monday & New Year’s Eve! Have fun, stay safe, and commit to your health in 2013!


30-Day Photo Challenge: Day Twenty Eight, Twenty Nine &Thirty

Day Twenty Eight: A picture of something you’re afraid of.

*image from google
I have this huge fear that one day a tornado is going to come and rip my house to shreds. It’s this really deep-rooted fear, too. So much so that if I see my area is under a tornado warning or watch, I have this dread built up in my stomach that makes me want to vomit. As a child it would suppress my appetite and I would sit around staring out of the windows in fear. Now, as an adult, it simply lingers in my head and serves as a major distraction.

Day Twenty Nine: A picture that can always make you smile.

HA! “Camel” toe!

Day Thirty: A picture of someone you miss.

This was my best friend in high school. We are still friends to this day, only I live in Texas and she lives in Minnesota. Some times I wish we could have a day to spend together like in old times, goofing off and having fun. Maybe one of these days!

FIT Friday

I got a little too busy yesterday to post my Friday workout! But there’s still time to sweat it out, no worries!

Give this ball routine a go and see how your abs feel in the morning…

I think my favorite body part to work is my tummy. I’m having to build my core strength back up again after having the baby, but I can definitely tell I’m getting stronger. Always remember, even if it doesn’t seem like you’re going anywhere, your body is evolving and progressing with every ounce of effort you put into it! Go for it!

Have a great weekend!

30-Day Photo Challenge:Day Twenty Six & Twenty Seven

Day Twenty Six: A picture of something that means a lot you.

That’s my kitty Rusty. My husband got him when we were first dating, so he’s sort of come to symbolize our relationship, in a way. It’s a good thing I moved in when I did, too, because my husband didn’t think to give him a bowl of water!

Day Twenty Seven: A picture of yourself and a family member.

Here’s me and my little girl. Although she’s not that little anymore. Even though I have a newborn, I still think of her as my little baby.

Thirsty Thursday

It’s Thursday, drink up!

Have I mentioned that I love smoothies? It’s the perfect little meal in my opinion. You’ve got so many options for creating just about any flavor you want, you can tailor it to your specific needs (like post- workout, energy-boosting, meal-replacing, sweet tooth-satisfying, etc.), and they are packed full of nutrition that is easily absorbed by your body. Who wouldn’t want a smoothie?

This recipe is a protein-packed banana smoothie. There are a ton of variations and additions for it, too, so be sure to look here for some inspiration and ideas to tweak this to just your liking!

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie
Makes one serving, 365 calories


What You’ll Need:
-1 frozen banana, peeled and sliced
-1/2 cup nonfat vanilla yogurt ( I like Dannon Light & Fit)
-2 tbsp creamy peanut butter
-1/2 cup milk ( I use Almond milk)

Make it!
1. Blend all ingredients together until smooth!

The potential for this smoothie is endless. Add a scoop of chocolate protein powder, use Greek yogurt, hide some spinach in it…

Get your smoothie on!

Weigh-In Wednesday

Boy, it’s been a crazy week! The holidays are always so crazy! I barely had time to hop on the scale this morning, but I sure am glad I did!

Last week’s weight: 194.4 lbs
This week’s weight: 188.6 lbs


Holy mother, right!

I couldn’t believe it! I gained a pound last week, so I was hoping to lose that plus the normal two for the week, but I never thought I’d lose almost 6 pounds! Doing a happy dance over here!

Showing off my new Texans shirt I got for Christmas!