Resiliency and Weight Loss

I read a great article in the newspaper last weekend that I meant to tear out and scan to share with everyone. Of course, I forgot. Whoops! However, I loved the topic and found a different article that has a similar subject that I’d love to share.

The original article talked about being resilient and losing weight, why the two go hand it hand, and tips on increasing your resilience. It offered two main tips on increasing resilience:
1. Having a strong support group, and
2. Thinking more positively.

Think about it, just by you reading this article today or by me simply writing it, we have established a safe, supportive group that can help you lose weight. Weight loss is hard to do and made even harder if you try to do it all alone. Instead, tell your family, your wife or husband, your best friend, or your children that you are trying to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. Chances are they’ll be incredibly supportive of your decision and will help you achieve your goals. Find online communities that share your interests in losing weight. Places like this can help keep you accountable and inspired during your journey. The more people you can find to support you, the better.

Thinking more positively can help you in every facet of life but is an extremely import aspect of achieving weight loss. If you constantly think that every change you are making will help get you one step closer to achieving better health, you will eventually believe it. With the same respect, thinking that you’ll never reach your goal or that you aren’t strong enough to change will lead you to believe the same. So, why wouldn’t you think more positive thoughts? The more positive you think, the easier your weight loss can become!

This article offers great tips for learning to be more resilient. It’s not the same article I read geared toward weight loss, but the advice is the same and still incredibly relevant, such as this list of ways to increase your resilience, including:
1. Positive social support and interaction,
2. Treat life as a learning process,
3. Avoid creating drama from a crisis,
4. Celebrate successes,
5. Develop realistic goals,
6. Take positive action,
7. Have a positive view of yourself,
8. Keep a realistic perspective, and
9. Practice optimism.

Apply these nine tips to your weight loss journey and I believe you’ll achieve your goal much more quickly than if you don’t. So, lets practice good resilience and lose this weight!


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