FIT Friday

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! If you ate a little too much (I’m guilty!) you’ll need to get moving today to burn it off. Thank goodness it’s Fit Friday!

Instead of just featuring one workout today, I’d like to share an entire workout program. This is a 90-day program to get you in shape. It’s available completely free on YouTube, so if you’ve got a computer, iPad, or smartphone, you should be able to view the workouts anywhere and at anytime…no excuses!


Clicking here will take you to the Be Fit in 90 YouTube page where you can find all 90 days’ worth of workouts.

Each day consists of about 40-minutes total work, broken up into a few different videos. The good news: exercise is cumulative, so if you only have time to do a couple videos in the morning, make time before bed to do the others and you’ll still get the benefit of working out 40 minutes! Also, every few days is a rest day with a helpful tip from the trainers. This is really a solid fitness program for beginner to intermediate levels.

So get up and burn off that turkey!


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