Weigh-In Wednesday

Happy hump day!

Well I’m in a fantastic mood. Ever have one of those weeks where you know you did every last thing you could to lose weight and you were excited to weigh-in? That’s me today. I worked hard last week. And as you’re about to see, it paid off!

Last week’s weight: 202.4 lbs
This week’s weight: 197.8 lbs


I know I’m not wearing the same outfit as last week, but let me off the hook. I’m surprised I even got time to take some progress pictures (little baby had a rough night last night). I’ll wear these two outfits every other week for good comparison.

Wow! I’m super impressed. And very proud.

I know a lot of it is water weight. I’m coming off of a two-week sickness where I wasn’t able to exercise at all. I finally got back into things last week and it definitely paid off on the scale. Plus, my energy is back and I feel so much better. I’m also going to give props to creating a blog that keeps me on track, give thanks where thanks is due!

Boy, I feel great! I needed a good loss this week to keep me motivated. Bring on Turkey Day, I’ve got this!


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