Transformation Tuesday

It’s time for another inspirational transformation!

Meet Valerie.


Valerie decided to change her life after having skin cancer removed. For 12 weeks she wrote in a food journal what she ate, what exercise she did, and how she felt. She put herself on a 1,300 calorie diet and left no foods off limits but instead ate anything she wanted in moderation.

As she neared the 12 week end, she began to plateau. To combat this, Valerie added a few supplements, monitored her food cravings and feelings about food and exercise, and actually increased her daily caloric intake, eating 300-500 calories more per day and focusing on healthier nutrition. It’s definitely paid off!

Valerie’s three best tips?
1. Calorie deficit
2. Consistency
3. Being active
The perfect trio of necessity spoken from a true warrior.


Great work, Valerie. You are an inspiration!


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