Eating Like a Caveman?

I heard the term “paleo diet” about a year ago in a Facebook health and fitness group I belong to and didn’t really give it much thought. That is, until I gained way too much weight while pregnant and needed to re-establish healthy eating habits. The best way to form a plan is to do some research, so I began looking into “paleo” to see what it was all about.

In a nutshell, the Paleo Diet involves eating like a caveman would, consuming certain foods that are natural and avoiding things that are processed. Okay to eat are lean meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, and healthy fats. Foods to be omitted include dairy, processed foods, grains, legumes, starches and alcohol. Find more information here.

Here’s a great poster explaining all the foods you can eat following the Paleo diet.

An updated version of this poster and many others can be found here, along with some more information about going Paleo.

My take on this diet? It seems like a stricter version of “clean eating”. Clean eating involves attempting to eat things as close to natural a state as possible and avoiding highly processed foods. However, no food group is really off limits like in Paleo.

There are really great health benefits associated with the Paleo diet, as with any other form of clean eating, that make this lifestyle appealing to me. I don’t eat Paleo, but I’d love to hear from you if you do. I’m very interested in hearing about the pros and cons of changing your lifestyle to eat like a caveman.


2 thoughts on “Eating Like a Caveman?

  1. First I’ve got to say, I LOVE your blog set up. The worm has me cracking up. Now, on to the matter at hand, I intend to go to a paleo diet (I’m waiting til after Thanksgiving because, yup, I want my last “crap food feast” haha). I did it for about 2 weeks a few months ago and I not only dropped a few pounds but I felt like I had so much energy as well. I am really excited to start again with the Whole30 program but I’m also nervous because I’m pretty sure I am a carb and sugar addict. Just some thoughts from someone else also doing her research and planning to start out 🙂

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