Non-Scale Victories

I’d like to take a moment to emphasize the non-scale victories during a weight loss journey. They are just as important as what the scale says, if not more! We shouldn’t be so hung up on the scale. It doesn’t define us. It doesn’t mean we aren’t making progress if the scale doesn’t budge or even if it creeps up a bit. It’s just a number. A number that no one sees when they look at you.

Instead, we should take the time to measure different aspects of the journey, such as having more energy, gaining more strength, losing inches, and fitting into smaller clothes.

I’m happy to say that I’m the happy recipient of a non-scale victory today! The day I got home from the hospital after delivery, I tried on a couple pairs of pants and shorts I had, size 15. These are, sadly, my “fat” pants, but they wouldn’t fit at all. I’ve been trying them on every couple of weeks, and they were getting a bit looser, but I couldn’t zip them up comfortably. That is, until today! I’m happy to say that I have lost enough inches to get into those size 15s! Woohoo!


It’s a small one, but it’s a step in the right direction! Next goal, my size 13s.


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